“The mysteries of the world of minerals draw not only those who have succumbed to the magic of power, or of tradition. The lovers of symmetry of crystals, the mathematical logic of shapes meet their paths with poets, possessed of the idea of extraordinaryness contained in a gem resting on the satin of a jewel box”.
Bożena Krzywobłocka, Róża Krzywobłocka, Mysteries of jewels

We provide knowledge about geology, mineralogy and gemology based on our exhibits. We teach about the origins of minerals and their use in various areas of knowledge. We realize how important they are in the jewelery, the arts, the science and the high-tech industry. We have specimens representative of the most interesting mineralogical regions of Poland and a huge collection of minerals from all over the world, including precious stones not subjected to grinding. We guarantee that the exhibits in our museum represent the world class. The whole team is competent, with the support of education or experience in the field of mineralogy, gemmology and jewelery. We know that we are happy to share, as our guide is passionate about the precious stones, ornamental and industrial stones, all geological peculiarities and secrets of grinding art, cites colorful anecdotes about famous jewels and stories about ancient beliefs and magic associated with stones.